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In addition to the age categories, there will also be the following sub-categories available:


Each team must be comprised of three (3) participants of any age and gender. Each participant will be ranked individually based on his/her age-category and at the end of each stage, the time of all three team members will be added to form the team’s score.


A team comprised of two individuals, one man and one woman of any age, always riding together. A mixed duo may not go through any of the control points or finish any stage of the race with a 2-minute difference between them. Participants racing as Mixed Duos will not rank individually. At the end of each stage both times will be added to form the resulting team’s score.


This sub-category offers companies the opportunity to use this race as a communications and "teambuilding" tool. Those companies looking to promote the values ​​of hard work, teamwork and camaraderie, will find a unique opportunity to develop and enhance these qualities through a sporting and adventurous experience.

All three team members must complete the entire route together and with a maximum allowed time between them at checkpoints and the finish line.

How does it work?

Corporate teams will have their own rankings and a specific set of rules for the race. Corporate participants will not rank individually.

Any company interested in participating within this category may do so. Each team will have three members, and all three members must be employed by the company they represent. Corporate team members must submit a document certifying that they’ve been with the company for over a year and can’t be self-employed or have different ties than those of a salaried workers (a.k.a.: volunteers or others).

For a corporate team to rank, they must go through every control station or stage’s finish line with less than two minutes between the first and third members.

Corporate team winners will awarded a special recognition.

What are the advantages for businesses?

This Corporate sub-category encourages and strengthens the relationship between workers. In order to overcome the difficulties that participants will face in the race as a group, teamwork will be essential. In addition, the impact that the Titan Tropic Cuba by GAES will have in the media, offers the possibility to enhance the company’s image, both in terms of external and internal communications as well.

From the organization of the Titan Tropic Cuba by GAES we have always promoted sport as an improvement tool. Sport values ​​like effort, teamwork and the struggle to improve and succeed as a team are key aspects to the corporate environment.


"Become your town’s best ambassador and proudly wear the name of your city during the Titan Tropic: Cuba by GAES"

Represent your city, town or village in this sub-category which is comprised of teams of two individuals who must ride together at all times. Participants riding in this Sub-Category will not rank individually.

Promote this race within your municipality make sure they get to know the benefits that they will receive for their participation in the Titan Tropic: Cuba by GAES.

Ambassador teams benefits:


  • Participants in an AMBASSADOR team must be residents of the city/town/municipality they represent for at least a year: Proof of residency will be required. Utility bill showing address and name of participant will suffice.
  • The two participants in each AMBASSADOR team must wear the same gear or jersey with their respective city/town/municipality’s name located in a prominent space in the front and back of their gear.

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