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11 years ago we launched our first GAES Titan Desert by Garmin with the intention of creating a mountain bike race that would be open to all bike, sports and extreme workout lovers. Today we can say that above all, this is a self-improvement and an individual challenge race. It's a competition and far beyond that, this is a challenge, the challenge of achieving what just a few group of people have achieved, facing the heat, the dessert and the distance in an extreme and unimaginable conditions.

All of our previous editions have been a clear example of what it means and what it takes to face this race. Most of our participants have gone back home with the sensation of having achieved something great, something to remember for the rest of their lives. The got to experience unforgettable moments, some of these hard ones some others exciting but all of them will remain in their memories and in their lives forever. Our competition attracts all sorts of participants from all over the world and for our latest edition, we must highlight the increase of non-Spanish participants; we have currently over 21 nationalities represented.

The spirit of this race is imbued with everyone’s efforts and those that are coming to complete the course, cross the finish line and prove to themselves that they can achieve something that has only been accomplished by a few. They are the race’s soul,a race that also counts with the participation of highly recognized athletes such as: Laurent Jalabert, Claudio Chiappucci, Roberto Heras, Abraham Olano or Melcior Mauri.

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