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Cuba: The country that welcome us

Cuba: The country that welcome us

In Cuba I lived (for 5 days)

On the first day I fell in love with a street, on the second it was a conversation that left me speechless; on the third day I rested on a beach and shared a secret. The fourth, that one I’ll never forget (I promise) same as the fifth, but that’s what happens wen you visit Cuba; I assure you, it is not like any other destination.

It is a country full of color, many shades and tones, with warm people and beautiful places, where you may very well sit and relax on one of its white-sanded beaches or go and have an exciting adventure deep in the jungle. Its ability to easily surprise its visitors is unmatched.

That’s why Cuba has a “je ne sais quoi” that will get you and surround you, a very keen and special energy that will push you to live every second and forget about the rest; to feel the present above anything else, without concerns or worries, and that is why Cuba is basically a therapeutic exercise for the soul.

Today, I’m only thinking about going back so that I can daydream about old Havana and submerge myself in Santiago’s history or Trinidad’s shades of colors; to get lost in time in Cayo Coco and count each and every minute of the Titan Tropic race because it would be unbearable to think that I won’t be able to step on Valle de Viñales again or feel the excitement and the adventure of Villa Clara. Because it is a place that you will fall in love with; I will see you in Cuba soon.

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