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Interview to Antonio Gassó, Gaes CEO

"Not only put the logo on a jersey but try to share those values that unite us with the Titan Tropic Cuba by Gaes"

Antonio Gassó is the CEO of Gaes and a mountain bike passionate. He next to the hearing aid company founded by his father, main sponsor of two of the world's top MTB competitions. His involvement in these events is not only summarized in putting the logo on the race but Antonio has been personally involved getting to participate five times in the Gaes Titan Desert by Garmin as well as in the 1st edition of the Titan Tropic Cuba by GAES, race that will take place next December.

What factors influenced when deciding to sponsor the Titan Tropic Cuba by GAES?

Having met before the Gaes Titan Desert by Garmin during these five years and its values did a lot. For us, it is not important just put our logo on a jersey, shirt or cap. What is important is to make a 360 sponsorship. It means that apart from the branding of the test itself, is to have a own team of people from the company and transmit these values. Another factor has been the possibility to make a parallel solidarity campaign and also to make a film as brand content like “Imparables” or “Unstoppable”, two years in the desert and one in the Titan Tropic Cuba by Gaes. We consider sponsorship as a communication hub not only by putting the logo on a jersey but trying to share those values ​​that unite us with the Titan Tropic Cuba by Gaes

What was the moment of greatest satisfaction on a bicycle into a Titan? And the hardest?

The greatest satisfaction I felt was when we won in the Corporate category the second year participating in the Titan Desert. We had a very tough fight with OHL team and really became a very happy moment for me as we got to be first. In a Titan Tropic Cuba by Gaes, the hardest moment is always to come.

What are the biggest differences between the Tropic and the Desert?

The environment is the biggest difference.  In the Gaes Titan Desert by Garmin you’ll suffer  a very hot temperature and the ground is very dry and with less steepness. The Titan Tropic Cuba by Gaes is a very humid jungle terrain and plenty of dehydration, but not as dry and has a lot of mud. So are two very different scenarios in which you extract maximum performance from the bike and yourself.

What would you say to those who do not dare to take the plunge and sign up for the next edition of the Titan Tropic Cuba by Gaes?


They must do it! If you have a dream, then pursue it. We have a scholarship program called "Follow your dreams" in which collaborates RPM giving a place in the Gaes Titan Desert by Garmin and one for the Titan Tropic Cuba by Gaes. There are many people who have great talent and desire to make the Titan Tropic Cuba by Gaes and have not been able to take that step forward. You have to be brave; to know that physical and mental preparation is required but experience that comes afterwards is critical to oneself.

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